Ubud showcases a diverse culinary inventiveness. And when it comes to raw, vegan food you find the very best that the world has to offer. The Ministry of Tourism has nominated Ubud as a world “gastronomy destination”, making it the first in the world to receive a designation from the United Nations World Tourism Organization for culinary excellence.

Ubud, A Paradise: What You Need To Know

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Recipes That Nourish Your Heart

The Raw Alchemist contains a master collection of the café’s best-selling recipes and techniques. With organic, unprocessed, and vegan offerings from culinary wizards Shanti Allen and Lesya Pyatnichko, you’ll discover everything you need for an introduction to raw food and a complete healthy lifestyle transformation. Get your copy HERE


Juicing Schedule And Its Benefits

Hit the reset button with this Alchemy juice cleanse, designed to hydrate, alkalize and energize your body with all those nutrients it has been missing. Fruits and vegetable juices in their raw form contain the highest level of nutrition of any foods, in the form most readily available to your body. When you consume these […]


The Audacity Of Skipping Breakfast

Few people have bypassed the cautionary don’t-skip-the-most-important-meal-of-the-day-lecture. We’ve unwittingly gobbled up this rhetoric with our cereal and bagels without questioning much about when, how, why, and by whom the enterprise of breakfast started in the first place. A little research reveals that in the 1940s, nutritionists were hired by General Foods Corporation to make radio […]

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