Tucked in the backstreets of Ubud, Bali’s spiritual center, lies a culinary Mecca attracting gourmets and raw devotees in their thousands. Some come to Alchemy Café for the delectable favours, others pursuing high-energy, natural fare, but they all share on thing in common: a love of good food. Food that not only tastes good, but is good for you and the world in which it’s created.

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For the first time we are throwing open the doors to the Alchemy Kitchen and revealing our
well kept secrets. We have created hundreds of recipes over the years, and each customer has
their own personal favorites, featured in our recepe book Te Raw Alchemist – More than 100
Raw and Vegan Recipes from Alchemy Restaurant. Tis eBook is a unique compilation of 10
popular recipes that we couldn’t squeeze into the hardcopy.  

Our hope is that these recipes will inspire you to try something new, refine your culinary
skills, and leap towards a healthier, happier you.

With industrialized practices making ‘ethical, sustainable animal farming’ a contradiction in
terms, vegans choose not to consume animal products. Tis means no meat, poultry, seafood,
dairy or eggs. For some, it can also mean avoiding insect-sourced products like honey and bee
pollen, and many vegans choose not to use animal materials such as leather, silk, fur, feathers
or products that have been tested on living creatures.

The benefits of raw food are countless, but the most important are super small, and invisible:
enzymes. Tese ‘living foods’ don’t survive being cooked. Likewise, experiments show that up
to 60-80% of a food’s nutrients are lost when over-heated.

Organic, unprocessed and vegan, these recipes are minimally processed to enhance and
preserve their essences and nutrition. We use fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds,
seaweeds, sprouts, spices, berries and superfoods. We don’t use animal products, gluten, dairy
or refined white sugar.




The Alchemist

Alchemy co-founder and chef, Shanti started her career in some of Sweden's best restaurants. She believed that culinary creation was an expression of love, but this concept seemed at odds with commercial food practices, and the modern Western diet. Converted to raw veganism, she discovered a world of pure, organic produce, and has since become known for transforming it to culinary art. Shanti is the author of The Raw Alchemist – over 100 raw and vegan recipes from Alchemy Restaurant, and the founder of the newly opened Alchemy Academy, Bali's first raw vegan culinary school. As a mother of twins brought up on green juice, she uses the 'crowding out' method to inspire (read: trick) her boys into making their own healthy food choices.


A group of conscious entrepreneurs related with the same goal: provide individuals with transformative habits capable of changing lives. It all started with a restaurant in Ubud - Bali, where is considered nowadays the paradise of vegans. Enjoying the good flow of health related lovers, Alchemy opened a holistic clinic, mostly offering alternative treatments and supplements. In 2021, another location of the restaurant is being opened in Bali and a yoga and meditation center is finally coming alive.



The Raw Alchemist, written by Shanti Allen co-founder of World Famous Alchemy Restaurant & Founder of Alchemy Academy, contains a master collection of the café's best selling recipes and techiniques. With organic, unprocessed and vegan offerings from cunilary wizards Shanti Allen and Lesya Pyatnichko you'll discover everything you need for an introduction to raw food or a complete healthy and lifestyle transformation.


the recipe book




We are throwing open the doors to the Alchemy Kitchen and revealing our well kept secrets with the book 'The Raw Alchemist' & Alchemy Academy Culinary Courses.

learn the secrets from world famous alchemy restaurant

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